BFF: On Our Doorstep

Barnes Film Festival

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  • Director: Thomas Laurance
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Certificate: 15

“On Our Doorstep is an inspiring and galvanising documentary which highlights the power of filmmaking- it seeks to give voice to those often overlooked and continues to be relevant and vital, to those stranded in Calais and to those who want to help” Rhianna Dhillon (Film and TV Critic)

“A remarkable act of bearing witness.Deeply moving, incredibly powerful, On Our Doorstep captures the hardship and humanity of the Calais refugee camp with sensitivity and honesty.  And with the increasingly hostile government response to the on-going refugee crisis, we need this film now more than ever” Juliet Stevenson (Actor)


In times of crisis, throughout history, ordinary people instinctively step up to help each other in the absence of positive government action. On Our Doorstep tells the story of a humanitarian crisis, governments in paralysis, and untrained grassroots civilians attempting to fill the gap.

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