Under The Volcano + Q&A with Chris Kimsey


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  • Starring: Stewart Copeland, Jimmy Buffett, Sting
  • Director: Gracie Otto
  • Running Time: 96 minutes
  • Certificate: 15 - strong language
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: USA

An exclusive chance to see this fascinating documentary followed by a Q&A with legendary music producer Chris Kimsey. Chris worked with a number of the acts featured in the documentatry, including the Rolling Stones (on the albums Undercover and Steel Wheels). A once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from the man described as "the ears behind the Olympic Studios."

On a remote Caribbean island in the 1980s, in the shadow of a volcano, the world's biggest recording artists were drawn to one special place, to escape and to forge the music that defined an era.

Built by The Beatles' producer Sir George Martin, AIR Studios Montserrat was the birthplace of mega-hits such as Money for Nothing and Every Breath You Take. For a decade, the studio formed the backdrop to monumental events in music history including the break-up of The Police, the reunion of The Rolling Stones, and the reinvigoration of Paul McCartney after the tragic murder of John Lennon. After a decade of hits, and at the peak of its popularity, the studio was destroyed when the island was hit by a series of devastating natural disasters.

Through personal accounts and backed by a blistering soundtrack, Under the Volcano is the definitive account of George Martin's studio, a place that generated a perfect storm of talent, technology and isolation, ushering in music that would live on long after the last tape rolled.

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