Himesh Patel, Lily James, Ed Sheeran, Kate McKinnon

Director: Danny Boyle

Running Time: 116 minutes

Certificate: 12A - infrequent strong language, drug references, moderate sex references

Country: UK

Format: 2D

"A film to make you cry, laugh and leave with a song in your heart, it's an uneven watch but by the time the credits rolled all my troubles seemed so far away."
-Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro

“The puppyish zest and fun summoned up by Curtis and Boyle carry it”
- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“A glowing tribute to The Beatles and their music.”
- Helen O’Hara, Empire Magazine

“Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis make a dream duo. Yesterday may be built on the hits of old, but it finds its own genially infectious groove.”
- Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph

“Yesterday doesn’t dig this deep; it’s a fun game, a romantic conundrum and a loopy jukebox movie, with only brief hints of something darker […] How can you resist such a full-throated, playful celebration of some of the best songs ever recorded? You don't.”.”
- Dave Calhoun, TimeOut

“Richard Curtis writes romantic comedies so enticing that we wish they were real. His films are believable enough emotionally to be both joyful and heartbreaking, while their characters and situations are more colourful and exciting than everyday life. And they flow with the effortless charm of, say, early Hugh Grant. Yesterday has those qualities, except this time the true love affair is between filmgoers and The Beatles, whose music forms a nearly wall-to-wall soundtrack.“
- Caryn James, BBC Film Review

Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles have never existed. Performing songs by the greatest band in history to a world that has never heard them, Jack becomes on overnight sensation with a little help from his agent.


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