Dr. Strangelove


Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Keenan Wynn, Slim Pickens, Peter Bull, James Earl Jones, Tracy Reed, Jack Creley, Frank Berry, Robert O’Neil, Glen Beck, Roy Stephens, Shane Rimmer, Hal Galili, Paul Tamarin, Laurence Herder, Gordon Tanne

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Running Time: 95 minutes

Certificate: PG - mild sex references, language, violence, threat, suicide references

Country: USA

Format: 2D

“It is sometimes said that Dr Strangelove, brilliant as it still unquestionably is, has lost its bite. Not at all: it lampoons a crazed warmongering machismo that never goes out of style.”


- Sheila Johnston, The Telegraph

Adapted from sci-fi novel Red Alert by Peter George, Kubrick’s tour-de-force of political satire feels unnervingly prescient in the context of current global politics. Set mainly within legendary production designer Ken Adam’s imposing war-room, Dr. Strangelove... charts an absurd but inexorable path towards nuclear oblivion that’s triggered when an unhinged American general believes the Russians have caused his impotency. With a razor-sharp script and dazzling performances, the film critiques America’s fixation on military might, and lampoons the men who sit in the seats of power. It’s a film about communication – or more accurately, the consequences of miscommunication.


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