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  • Starring: Caitríona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Ciarán Hinds
  • Director: Kenneth Branagh
  • Running Time: 98 minutes
  • Certificate: 12A - moderate threat, discrimination, infrequent strong language


  • Best Original Screenplay



7 OSCAR Nominations

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director, Kenneth Branagh
  • Best Supporting Actress, Judi Dench
  • Best Supporting Actor, Ciaran Hinds
  • Best Sound
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Original Song

6 BAFTA Nominations

  • Best Film
  • Outstanding British Film
  • Original Screenplay
  • Supporting Actress, Caitriona Balfe
  • Supporting Actor, Ciaran Hinds
  • Editing

"It will nab an easy best picture Oscar nomination next year."
★★★★★ Kevin Maher, The Times 

"Love letters to the past are always addressed to an illusion, yet this is such a seductive piece of myth-making from Branagh."
★★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"Belfast is a beautifully personal ode from Sir Kenneth Branagh to growing up and having an immortal connection to one's roots."
★★★★★ Lewis Knight, Daily Mirror

"[Branagh's] most intimate and deeply felt film to date."
★★★★ Katie Rosseinsky, London Evening Standard

"Branagh's genuine affection and nostalgia for his subject suffuse the movie; if only the misty romanticism of his story could match it."
★★★★ Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

BELFAST is a movie straight from director Kenneth Branagh's own experience. A nine-year-old boy must chart a path towards adulthood through a world that has suddenly turned upside down. His stable and loving community and everything he thought he understood about life is changed forever but joy, laughter, music and the formative magic of the movies remain.

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