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  • Running Time: 70 minutes
  • Certificate: 15

A Little Bit of Paradise Dir: Director Andrzej Cichocki

A documentary story from the borderlands of realism and fairy tale, A Little Bit of Paradise is a film about a Silesian family. In an out-of-the-way corner of a metropolis, they reveal their world to the watcher and share moments from their lives, which are inextricably bound up with the nature around them.

Sunday Roast Dir: Director Lukas Steinmaier

The Wheldon family sure loves to celebrate their holy Sunday. As for the family tradition, the parents Frank and Molly are preparing a splendid roast chicken. But their daughter Laura knows all too well that this is just their way of settling their differences. As the food is served and the alcohol flows, the seemingly civilised lunch quickly descends into a downright war.

The Cost of Life Dir: Director Maryam Bahaari

A poignant and poetic look at the lives of young Afghan immigrants told by themselves. The hardships of leaving their own country and families behind in search of jobs and a more peaceful life in Iran.

The Clearing Dir: Director Daniel Hope

In a desperate battle with his ballooning ego, Bill struggles in vain to re-woo Deb with his below-par outdoor skills and, quite frankly, shocking behaviour, until their last-ditch camping trip takes a VERY sinister turn.

Dalja: Cinema and Oblivion Dir: Director Arturo Dueñas Herrero 

Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. The arrival of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotony, but once it's over life (and oblivion) continues.

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