Ash Is Purest White


Fan Liao, Feng Xiaogang, Tao Zhao

Director: Jia Zhang-ke

Running Time: 136 minutes

Certificate: 15 -

Country: China

Format: 2D

“The story is so richly novelistic the temptation is just to synopsise - but that risks not only spoilers, but failing to convey how much wonder is conjured beyond the plot, the stellar performance of Zhao, the insta-futuristic landscapes...” ★★★★★ - Danny Leigh, Financial Times “Qiao scams philandering men, seemingly driven by the desire to punish Bin. And yet the film, slowly, reveals more melancholic aims, guiding a low-key finale towards a mournful evocation of what China has lost on the way towards modernisation.” ★★★★★ - Kevin Maher, Times “A really terrific piece of work, blending social commentary with a quest for emotional justice. Very nuanced...” Mark Kermode

Director Jia Zhang-ke (A Touch of Sin, Mountains May Depart) brings astonishing visuals to stories of modern China, from aspirational gangsters to coal miners.

In his latest, Ash is Purest White, Qiao (Tao Shao) romantically sacrifices herself when her boyfriend is facing a prison term. Emerging to find her beau otherwise engaged and the country she knew transformed by capitalism, she heads out, bent on revenge and self-discovery.

Full of amazing set pieces and emblematic moments of modern Chinese life, as well as deadpan humour, this is glorious and wicked satire.


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