Apollo 11


Buzz Aldrin, Joan Ann Archer, Janet Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Jack Benny,

Director: Todd Douglas Miller

Running Time: 93 minutes

Certificate: U - very mild bad language

Country: USA

Format: 2D

“Go. Rush out. Find this film now. Find it on the biggest possible screen, accompanied by the best, loudest sound. And sit back and marvel.”
- Kevin Maher, The Times

“Apollo 11 will bring you to tears -- it's a reminder of national functionality, of making the big dream happen without ego or divisiveness.
- Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out

"Astonishing...the documentary footage, which alternates from the spaceship and the American audience...it just brought back what an unbelievably impressive achievement it was in 1969"
- Mark Kermode

“One of the most outstanding space films ever made. ”
- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"The achievements of July 1969 may be familiar to one and all, but they have never been presented with such clarity or looked so epic."
- Jamie Healy, Radio Times

“A celebration of human endeavour, and of a rare moment of global unity.”
- Wendy Ide, The Observer

“Apollo 11 isn't a film about the facts and stats of the mission to reach the moon. Instead, it's about how it feels to be in space and on the ground as history is made. Stunning, stirring stuff.”
- Ian Freer, Empire Magazine

“riveting and awe-inspiring tribute to one of mankind's great achievements.”
Philip Concannon, Little White Lies

"The director avoids gimmicks or embellishment. Strapping three men to the top of a rocket and blasting them into space is, it turns out, sufficiently gripping on its own."
- Ed Power, Daily Telegraph


On the 16th of July, 1969, the United States entered the race to the moon by launching a three-man spacecraft. Drawing from over 11,000 hours of recordings, Apollo 11 is the spine-tingling story of their mission.

Filled with never-before-seen footage and unheard audio, Todd Douglas Miller's doc gives a front-row experience that's out of this world.

Made up of first-hand recordings, the originals have been digitised to such a standard, they seem almost as if they were taken yesterday.

An incredible, cinematic experience, which raises almost as many questions as it answers, Apollo 11 is the summer's must-see film.


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